Help Us Protect Your Privacy

We will never request any personal information over email. Also, please do not send email containing:

  • Any medical information or pictures.
  • Date of birth, social security, creditcard number.

Important information about Email
Millions of people send personal information over email. However, normal email does not provide any privacy protection. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible for a determined party to gain access to your email.

Please use the following guidelines:

  • Do not send urgent questions, call our office instead.
  • Do not send personal information. i.e. social security number, credit card number, etc...
  • Do not send sensitive information, i.e. your medical condition, test results, etc...
We will not use email for the following:
  • Disclose your test results.
  • Ask for personal information: address, phone number, social security number.
  • Discuss medical treaments.

We are working on a secure mesaging system using SSL that would be more appropriate for the discussion of sensitive information.

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